12/02/2010 18:16

Radical Frame Film Festival blog

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film fest - day 3 & 4

A few more photos from our berlin film adventures .... as you can see, we are also competing with a porn festival;;)) ... hahaha - friday night we had a full length argentinian film that was very interesting (proper eyes) and on saturday we showed a brazilian movie called 'nome proprio'. we also showed our only german film, a short story by a hamburg filmmaker, who wanted to come to berlin, but then could not make it, because they were in production ---
but one of the actors of the film came to the showing, which was really nice. he also stayed for the brazilian movie that we showed after the shorts. great guy.
through this festival we met some very nice people, it has been a great eperience and we learned a lot.
tonight will be our last night - ending with 2 more documentaires....

 stay tuned --- 


Friday, February 5, 2010

 Radical Frame Film Festival ... day 2

'a better life'  .......

...besides the 'berlinale' .. there is the lesser known 'foschinale' in berlin ;) happening right now

day two of the 'radical frame film festival' - we did not have quite as many people as last night, but that could have something to do with the freezing rain and the sidewalks being a mixture of water puddles and ice rinks...people are sliding, falling and tip toeing around the city, that apparently (for environmental reasons? ) does not believing in ice melting chemicals .....
speaking of that - i want to do a quick infomercial on my doc-martens - these are the best boots ever!!
i seem to be the only one trekking in fast speed over the side walks, while ve and most other people are sliding all over the place... i love them. so, enough of that...
we celebrated our second night by going to our 'berlin-my brothers bar', called: zwiebelfisch! - in the mean time it was 11:30 at night when we arrived and the place was packed... just barely found 2 chairs, sharing a table with guy reading a book ....our favorite waitress was there, but not working and a little loopy .... ;) haha
a couple of tables with americans.... the reason maybe, that this place is now in more of the berlin books and getting known internationally? they are open every day until 6am - our goal is to one day go there around 4 am to see what is going on and what kind of people are there ....

so - tonight, the 3rd night - we are looking forward to hopefully do, what our  friend nancy refers to as -

... You are planting seeds of change, increasing awareness and providing a venue for discussion....

 stay tuned ---

Thursday, February 4, 2010

before the berlinale ... the 'foschinale'...

'no end in sight'  .......

...besides the 'berlinale' .. there is the lesser known 'foschinale' in berlin ;) happening right now

day one of the 'radical frame film festival' - just a quick update for today.
we showed two political documentaries ('no end in sight' and 'the war on
democracy') - and got a pretty good showing - particularly considering
the fact that it is a wednesday night and 0 degree celsius...;

the movie theatre is small, has 3 small screening rooms, but 2 cafe/bars (one of them is called the 'lounge';) - and we learned that the kino moviemento is the oldest movie theatre germany' ... pretty cool!

there were two people who came to see both movies (at 6 and 8:30),
which was pretty amazing. we are thinking we should give  a gift to
anyone who goes to all the movies of the festival.... hahaha

more news later - but i would like to end with the last sentence of the
2nd movie - a Victor Hugo quote (or one version of it ...)

All the forces in the world are not as powerful, as an idea whose time has come